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The Induction Chapter

The annual Induction Chapter is held in the prestigious Basilica of St. Hubert, on the last Saturday of May, but the date may be subject to change. Please consult the calendar on the homepage.

After the Grand Mass embellished by the sounds of hunting horns, the candidate Compagnons are invited to take an oath and commit to their honour, to live their passion in compliance with the Code of Honour, in fellowship and conviviality.

The Lord Chancellor, assisted by dignitaries of the Brotherhood, then proceeds with the induction of the new Compagnons. This is then followed by the promotion of deserving Compagnons who receive the collar of Officer or Commander.

The candidate Compagnons are carefully selected by their respective sponsors, which themselves are already mandatory Compagnons. The godfather of the new knights is of course requested to be present at the festivities. Admission to the Brotherhood is subject to a thorough examination by the Grand Council of the candidate’s hunting antecedents and is only effective upon ratification by the Secretary General and the President of the Brotherhood.

The inductions are followed by a friendly banquet Multi Hall of the town of Saint Hubert with ambiance from the  music of hunting horn blowers. Friendly conversations go beyond language barriers, because all Companions of all nations are voluntarily involved in this happening. And of course, numerous contacts and friendships on international level are established.

A raffle, hosted and boosted by the ladies, offers great prizes provided by many generous sponsors, including Compagnons companies.

The Mass and the Enthronisations
The Banquet at Chermont Estate
The Cartridge - The Certificate - The Medal
Conditions for Promotions

 To be promoted to officer, you must :
participate in 5 annual Chapters in 7 consecutive years

To be promoted to Commandeur, you must:
participate in 9 annual Chapters in 12 consecutive years

Participating in the Chapter understands ; 
- presence at the Mass in the Basilica
- presence at the Induction Ceremony and promotions
- participation in the Banquet.

Code of Honour


1. to be, at all times and under all circumstances, an exemplary hunter, above any reproach :

2. to respect and safeguard gamen its environment, and to obey the laws that govern hunting :

3. to actively take part in the protection of fauna, flora and nature in general, and to defend the interests of hunting :

4. to submit to the criteria that are accepted and respected by the nations, aiming the preservation and safeguard of the cynegetic heritage.

5. to set himself a freely accepted strct discipline, in the spirit of the Code of Honour, in order to pass on to our descendants a cynegetic heritage and culture that is still intact .

6. to maintain and promote among the "Compagnons de Saint-Hubert", a spirit of brotherhood, mutual help and peace.

.* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Game is Res Nullius and recognises no borders.
It can only be subject to righteous protection, if all nations take part in this action.

Becoming a Compagnon

To become member you must :

- be a hunter and in the possesion of a valid hunting licence

- be proposed by a sponsor who already is a Compagnon

- introduce the specific application form, together with a curriculum vitea regarding your hunting history and provide a clean certificate of good conduct and a clean record as to the hunting laws

- obtain the approval of the Council after the common assent of the President and the Secretary General

- the cadidate and his/her sponsor must be present during the ceremony in the Basilica

- the new knight and his/her sponsor must participate at the banquet

If one of the criteria is not met, the candidate's introduction will not be taken in consideration!

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