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Dear Compagnons de Saint Hubert,

In view of the current circumstances and in total ignorance regarding the presence of the Covid-19 on our territory, the High Council, after consultation, has decided to cancel the festivities of the 40th Annual Chapter that was planned for June 6.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce this to you, but we cannot expose the health of our Compagnons, their wives, children and friends to serious difficulties whose consequences would be even worse to face.

We kindly ask you to spread the news around among the Compagnons of your entourage.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon again.

Until then, take good care of yourselves and of the near and dear and stay safe.

Let us remain vigilant in the face of the enemy.

May Saint-Hubert help us to overcome this new rage.

Cordially in St. Hubert.

Message of Doyen Goose regarding Covid-19

Circulaire relative aux implications de la crise du coronavirus sur les activités de chasse et de destruction du gibier en Wallonie

The implications of the corona crisis on the activities of hunting and the distruction of game in Wallonia 


You can find the circulaire of the authorised Minister Borsus through the following link: Lien ver la circulaire


In 1975, within the framework of the international cultural relations, the "Union St. Hubert, a Belgian hunters association and editor of "Chasse, Pêche, Environnement” (Hunting, Fishing, Environment), met with a French regional brotherhood "Les Compagnons de St. Hubert du Val de Loire " established since 1966 in Tours, which held its Annual Chapter in Mont Louis-sur-Loire. The goals of the Brotherhood were, improving Hunting practises and the  recognition of the quality of the hunter of the Loire Valley, but also the establishment of fraternal relations among their members.

On September 4, 1976, at the invitation of the "Union St. Hubert, the "Companions of St. Hubert of the Loire Valley" visited the city of St. Hubert in Belgium to attend the "International Days of Hunting" and to hold an Extraordinary Chapter. On this occasion, friendly relations between French and Belgian hunters were born.

In 1979 a Belgian internationally-oriented independent cell was formed by a first group of Belgian, French and German hunters, giving birth to the Confrérie Internationale "LES COMPAGNONS DE SAINT-HUBERT". The Code of Honour was written and the attributes of the Compagnons, - the Medal, the sandstone cartridge and Knight’s Certificate of the Compagnons de Saint-Hubert were created. The aims and goals of the Brotherhood allow hunters of all nationalities to meet, especially during the annual Chapters, and adhere in a solemn engagement, in the spirit of brotherhood, mutual assistance, friendship and peace, by practicing ethical and sustainable hunting in accordance with the Code of Honour.

On November 2, 1980, the first Induction Chapter was organised by the eight first dignitaries of the time. The first Belgians, French and Germans will soon be joined by Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes and Canadians. It was then decided to set up the statutes and to officially establish the association.

On March 24, 1985, the General Assembly held in St. Hubert, approved the statutes and the Brotherhood was formed now becoming asbl Confrérie Internationale "LES COMPAGNONS DE SAINT-HUBERT". In coordination with the civil and religious authorities, the headquarters were established at the House of Tourism and Tourist Office of Saint-Hubert, which was named the same year "European Capital of Hunting and Nature".

Today, the Brotherhood counts more than 1100 members and is represented in most European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Brittain, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden . . . .

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!!!! CANCELLED !!!!
Saturday June 6th


In view of the current circumstances and in total ignorance regarding the presence of the Covid-19 on our territory, the High Council, after consultation, has decided to cancel the festivities of the 40 th Annual Chapter that was planned for June 6.














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